[WEEKEND FORCE] Recruiting Session Results

Hello ACP! Today we logged on to Big Foot for a recruiting session, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well we did even with the chaos we’ve been experiencing this past week! We managed to max 46 and average 43.

After these recruiting sessions though we’ll need to work on our tactics this week 😉 Read more to see more amazing pics!We had about 30 when we moved from the town to the Berg

Our sizes grow to about 35

A random emote bomb

E+T Toot bomb

E+6 Tongues

A picture showing our size at the end of the recruiting session.

A green emote tactic.



Thank you to all who attended! This event was led by Stromae and I, make sure to comment if you made it!






14 Responses

  1. I made it.

  2. I came, Y no1 take a pic of my E+K Cakes tactic- It was beautiful

  3. I made it.

  4. Counting like sercan, eh?

  5. I was there! Go ACP mining expeditions!

  6. Please stop with the mining expeditions, you’re just showing how desperate you are.

  7. Came

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