Inauguration Day [The ACP Triumvirate]

Greetings, ACP! 

Today, on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) 2014, four citizens of the ACP are introduced into new positions, positions of responsibility, power and importance. Their actions will mold the shape of the future for the ACP. These individuals were hand-selected by your current Commander in Chiefs for the sole purpose of the aforementioned; to bring ACP to new heights. In order to promote the finest leaders among our moderators, every soldier was put under evaluation. We tested their skills on the battlefield, their ability to judge their own actions, their morals, their attitude under various circumstances, and more. The tests were rigorous on our part; we quietly but accurately took notes of their competence. We left not a single stone unturned. And with that said, allow us to introduce your new Commander in Chief and Generals.


Each division had a few individuals who competed and worked hard for a chance to become 3ic. Because of this, the current leaders of the Survey Corps and Garrison will select those individuals and add them to their respective departments. Basically, each division has one leader and a few advisers. These advisers will meet up and discuss the status and future of their division before making decisions. Without further adieu:

Commander in Chief

Written by Flipmoo

In 2013, the USA Division had been struggling for a while–we had lost many wars and faced a devastating depression which has caused us to be extremely unstable. Our USA Division had been constantly ridiculed by the community, and we had lost ourselves in a spiral of confusion, anxiety, and fear. It was Jerry who had emancipated the ACP from these perspectives. He initiated the ACP Recruiting Force; which has achieved things never before seen, and his organization has indubitably played a major role in the prevalence of the USA Division. Sercan and I have concluded that his proficiencies and experience can be fully expressed only if he becomes a leader of this army. His benevolence and honorificabilitudinitatibus defines his authentic character, thus we have no doubts in promoting Jerry to the rank of Commander-in-Cheif. To those who see this promotion as a floccinaucinihilipilification, we will prove you wrong. A solo dictatorship is harsh. A duo-leadership is adequate. But what will happen in a trio-leadership?

Congratulations, Jerry. You’re one of us now. I’m sure that with all three of us combined we will be able to achieve things that have never been seen before.

We will prevail.

General of UK

Written by Sercan

The EU/UK Division of the ACP has been recently one of the strongest forces in the ACP. Our division has improved compared to the former ACP’s UK divisions when they were a small part of the army, the shadow of the once-huge US division.

These days, our UK force is a force to be reckoned if we work a little, we need to do our best and become as big as possible. It is crucial for the army that we work as much as we can and obtain great results. We’ve been first for two weeks in a row, and we’ve been the dominant army, however, we must work to keep being the strongest army.

As we were getting closer to this day, I evaluated our best mods, and this is what their performance is, note that having the biggest grade doesn’t mean they will get 3ic.


  • Initiative: 8/10
  • Leading Skills: 9/10
  • Recruiting Skills: 10/10
  • Friendliness: 10/10
  • Communication: 8/10
  • Loyalty: 10/10
  • Stress Performance: 9/10
  • Average: 9.142
  • Activeness: 9.5/10

Notes: Stromae has proved to be extremely loyal and dedicated to the army, he’s been doing many giveaways, willing to attract soldiers to attend events no matter what the price. He’s an active soldier, serious, loyal and professional.


  • Initiative: 9/10
  • Leading Skills: 9/10
  • Recruiting Skills: 10/10
  • Friendliness: 8/10
  • Communication: 10/10
  • Loyalty: 8/10
  • Stress Performance: 8/10
  • Average: 8.857
  • Activeness: 10/10

Notes: Extremely active soldier and very devoted. He’s known for attending events from all three divisions and doing an excellent job at them. Despite this, he’s known for not being the friendliest person ever. There was a small incident between Sky and I (Sercan), and although it won’t affect my decision, being in a good relation with 3ics is very important for a leader.


  • Initiative: 8/10
  • Leading Skills: 7/10
  • Recruiting Skills: 8/10
  • Friendliness: 10/10
  • Communication: 10/10
  • Loyalty: 10/10
  • Stress Performance: 7.5/10
  • Average: 8.6428
  • Activeness: 10/10

Notes: Known to be an ACP fanatic, Oli has showed his activity and love for ACP many times. Despite this, he’s not the most experienced soldier I’ve seen, but he does an amazing job recruiting because of the amount he does. Lately, he’s been in vacation, however that did not affect his activeness points.

It was a very hard choice to decide who the next UK 3ic will be, despite only one you three will obtain the 3ic rank, you will all be welcome to my war-room where we will discuss plans and decide how we should make the UK division grow. Congratulations for your performance everyone, however only one will climb to the rank of  General, and that person is….


Congratulations to Stromae and welcome to a new position of responsibility! We look towards the future, and together I am sure we will be able to do great things.

General of US

Written by Jerry

The U.S side of the ACP was usually the most dominant side. However, in recent months, the division suffered a devastating collapse. Going from world power status to SMAC levels in terms of size was embarrassing and quite frankly, a disgrace to ACP. But with our determination to bring the Garrison back to what it used to be has brought us to new heights. We are nearly back to dominance and with a final push, we should ascend into world power status. The journey will be tough, the road will be rugged, but if we work together, we will finally achieve our dreams.

For nearly two weeks, I evauluated every moderator in the Garrison division. After a week had passed, the list of possible 3ics narrowed down to three individuals. I’m sure the first thing you’ll look for is the average of their scores, however, the average will not decide if they become 3ic.

Albaro Lord

  • Initiative: 7/10
  • Leading Skills: 8/10
  • Recruiting Skills: 9/10
  • Friendliness: 9/10
  • Communication: 8.5/10
  • Loyalty: 9/10
  • Stress Performance: 7.5/10
  • Average: 8.2857
  • Activeness: 8/10

Notes: Albaro Lord has history leading other armies. After doing some research, he performed decently in those other armies. An excellent recruiter, does so on his own. Battle skills and strategy are good.


  • Initiative: 8.5/10
  • Leading Skills: 9/10
  • Recruiting Skills: 8/10
  • Friendliness: 9/10
  • Communication: 9/10
  • Loyalty: 9/10
  • Stress Performance: 9/10
  • Average: 8.7857
  • Activeness: 8.5/10

Notes: Mikester recently led the Nachos, did a good job. Strong leader, decent recruiter. Battle skills and strategy are fine.


  • Initiative: 9/10
  • Leading Skills: 8.5/10
  • Recruiting Skills: 9.5/10
  • Friendliness: 9/10
  • Communication: 9/10
  • Loyalty: 10/10
  • Stress Performance: 8.5/10
  • Average: 9.0714
  • Activeness: 9.5/10

Notes: Lumarnara’s career revolves around ACP. Had small stint in CPE. His dedication is second to none. Battle skills and strategy needs to be polished. At a young age, he is sharp and thinks for himself.

It became difficult to choose the US 3ic as we got closer to today. Mike had already led Nachos (although we cannot determine what he did individually) and seems like a decently strong leader. Lumarnara has a dedication and loyalty for ACP that I have not seen in recent months. He has some things to learn and has already began to adapt due to being Temp 3ic. It came down between Mikester and Lumarnara as my final choices. Mike had the experience. Luma did not. But Luma shows signs of promise to become a great leader. In the end, only one can climb into the ranks of General, and that person is…


Congratulations Lumarnara, and welcome to ownership in the ACP! I also want to congratulate Albaro and Mikester for their efforts. All three individuals will join me into The Cabinet where we will focus on bringing the Garrison to new heights.

In conclusion, the new owner ranks are as follows:

leaderCommander in Chiefleader

FlipmooSercan, Jerry

3ic Field Marshal3ic

Purple Slime4, Bigmail


Mrtchy, Stromae, Lumarnara

The Triumvirate (Introduction)

Written by Flipmoo

I figured that it would be a wise decision to post each leader’s duties and such on here to clarify. Of course, the leaders’ responsibilities are all equal, and although we strive for the same goal (getting ACP to world power), there are time zone differences which can affect what each leader is capable of doing. We all have our common jobs as a leaders, so we’ll be brief and focus on the purposes of each division and what it’s commanders are specially responsible for. The ACP Triumvirate will also be initiating Cabinets for each of our divisions, but that will be informed later on another post.

U.S.A. Division – The Garrison

Commander – Jerry

 The USA Division is the main force of this army. They are the force that encounters most of the enemy’s forces, and are always required to be in perfect shape for battle. The USA Division are also referred to as the Garrison, which is defined as “a body of troops stationed in a fortified place”. Without them the ACP would be extremely vulnerable, which is why the Commander of this Division has the responsibility to avoid or mobilize against enemy engagements. The Garrison is also a division where they get to encounter other army leaders, which is why external affairs are usually the USA Division’s obligation. Due to the fact that the Garrison have many responsibilities, the commander of this division must be extremely experienced and intelligent. Many glorious records have been made in this prestigious, ancient division, and the majority of the community are enrolled to the Garrison.

U.K. Division – The Survey Corps

Commander – Sercan

The U.K. Division is also known as the Survey Corps. They are the force in which can be used as either an offensive or a defensive, depending on the enemy. They are the force that can aid both the USA and AUSIA Division because of their time zone, but are also completely capable of battling on their own. The Survery Corps are the extended version of the Garrison, and are the emblematic figures of authority in the ACP. If the U.K. Division are used as an offense, they can infiltrate enemy territory and invade some of the most significant servers of the enemy without much resistance. As stated above, the UK Division can also dispatch troops who are available to aid other divisions in battle and/or normal events. Because of their timezone flexibility, they can communicate with both the Garrison and Military Police easily, and because of that they are au courant of the occurrences that happen both outside and inside the army. The troops who are registered in the Survey Corps are considered as the glorious coadjutant and belligerent fighters of the ACP.

AUSIA Division – The Gendarmerie

Commander – Flipmoo

The AUSIA Division is the division that serves as an offense during wars. ACP’s AUSIA Division are the first in the warfare community to achieve major army sizes within it’s division, and are considered as a major threat to enemies who declare war upon us. With our overpowered AUSIA Division, we infiltrate enemy servers and pave our way to victory. The AUSIA Division can also serve as a reclamation force. We reinvade lost servers and cleanse disputed servers so that we can have a clean & smooth war. On the other side, the AUSIA Division (a.k.a the Gendarmerie) are also a perfect division to settle internal affairs and maintain order in this army. The AUSIA Division are filled with loyal and trustworthy soldiers, and are always reliable in times of need.

Towards the future, ACP!

~The ACP Commandants

21 Responses

  1. Oh well. Congrats to Stromae and Luma.

  2. Great job everyone! I am honored to have been selected for this position, and even during my first time in ACP in 2009 I always dreamed of making it this far. Unfortunately I left prematurely, leaving for over 4 years. Now that I am back and have received this enormous privelege I am more motivated than ever to help ACP and help lead this army to greatness and the legendsry status it once held, again.

  3. P.S. there should be another “r” after luma. XD

  4. Congratulations!

  5. And now, welcome one and all, to the Anime of CP! Yes, we’ve gone as far as remodeling our divisions after the overrated anime, Attack on Titan.

  6. Congratulations to everyone who got promoted.

  7. Congratulations Luma and Stromae. Good job Mike, Oli, Alb & Sky 🙂

  8. Congratsies, Luma and Stromae! 😉 You never know, perhaps we’ll be leaders together…

  9. Trolololol congrats.

  10. Congratulations to everyone!

  11. Awesome job Strom! I knew you’d get it. 😉

  12. Congratulations guys!

  13. Nice to see ACP is doing well again. Good luck

  14. Good luck for the triumvirate, commandants! 😉
    So, we have 3 3ICs now? [Mrtchy, Lumarnara and Stromae]

  15. Well done everyone!

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