Rid of the Brute – Coup D’Etat of Casiusbrutus || Announcing the New Leader of the ACP

Update: A brief post on what will be happening.

  • We will rewrite the Nachos treaty.
  • All unjustified bans will be undone on the ACP chat.
  • We will oblige to all treaties.
  • We will help our allies the best we can in a way that will not violate the treaties.
  • ACP enters isolationism, but will help our allies if they seek assistance.
  • Sorting out the Owner ranks.
  • ACP will remain to be allies with RPF and DCP, though uncertain whether we will continue to act under the name of the “New Dawn Alliance.”


The justified renunciation of Casiusbrutus’s leadership title. Followed by the announcement of the new 30th Leader of the ACP.

War occurs when the representatives enunciate the enemy,

Revolutions happen when you find out for yourself.

[audio http://k002.kiwi6.com/hotlink/gn8fk3y8ph/bleach_ost_4_track_4_power_to_strive.mp3]

Revolutions have happened both in real life and in this virtual world. Rebellions have been the key to justice, the key to equality, and the key to freedom. When the majority of the people believe that something is terribly wrong with their country or organization, they commence whatever action is needed in order to fulfill their purpose; despite the fact that they may lose what is dear to them, or rephrased in a term suitable for this virtual community, a person’s heroic title(s) or significant rank(s).

People shouldn’t be afraid of their governments,

Governments should be afraid of their people.

A revolution is not something that is easy to do. There are numerous risks in leading a revolution, which may unravel to have negative effect on one’s reputation. However, the more supporter and followers you have on your side, the higher the possibility is of succeeding. Remember this; a leader is nothing without his troops.

As of November 13th, 2013, Casiusbrutus, the 29th Leader of the A.C.P., is hereby removed from power by the commandants of the A.C.P.

This Coup D’Etat had been planned for a long time now, ever since it was revealed to the public that Cassius edited his own event pictures. 

At first, Cassius Brutus had been banned forever by Shaboomboom back in 2010 for “general rudeness”. (The post can be seen here.) He was somehow then unbanned and was inaugurated into the Leader position by Capncook in 2013, and eventually became the solo leader of the ACP after the coup of Tori. Cassius has been one of the most authoritative leaders of the ACP, however, his own power drove himself to corruption. The lack of credibility, charitableness, friendliness, and responsibility is the reason for this coup. Cassius’s negligence of the army and troops is the aftermath of his leadership. In a separate post we have stated the reasons of Cassius’s coup in detail, which can be viewed here.

This justified Coup D’Etat will lead to the prevalence of the Army of Club Penguin only with the support of the troops and outside supporters.

The new leaders of the ACP will defend the A.C.P. troops and restore it’s prestigious reputation.


Your new A.C.P. Commander-in-Chief is Flipmoo.

March 22nd, 2013 was the date of which I, Flipmoo,  joined the ACP. Seeing as the ACP were not doing such a great job compared to the old days, I decided to join the A.C.P. to help them grow once more. After a few weeks, I  achieved the rank of ACP 3rd in Command on May 18th, 2013. A couple months later, I was made a temporary leader with Capncook due to the absence of our leader, Mchappy. After two or three days, Mchappy retired, and Capncook and Tori were announced the new leaders of the A.C.P. I was made a 2nd in Command.

And now, as of November 17th, 2013, history is made.

For the first time in Club Penguin Army History, a leader living in Asia is announced the solo leader of the A.C.P., and not only that, but is now entrusted to restore the lost reputation of the ACP.

This would of had never been possible without the support of many. You guys are what made me achieve this position. Those who are inside and outside of the A.C.P., I will never forget the opportunities and support that you have given me, and I will promise that I will not let you down. I will be the steadily beating heart of the ACP, open to all statements and opinions. You all helped me achieve the leader position. Now it’s my duty to help you guys.

Along with myself, I inaugurate Jerry and Sercan as temporary leaders of the ACP.

May a new era begin.

~Commander Generalissimo Flipmoo

>> ACP Leader <<

19 Responses

  1. again is ACP out of NDA


  3. Cheers to the new acp!

  4. ACP goes to isolation?


  6. Congratulations, Flipmoo! I’m looking forward to the new generation of ACP.

  7. I’m not even in acp any more, but am very pleased with the way this has turned out. Congrats flipmoo!

  8. many people will be happy, many people are happy. thats good news. im looking forward to our new era, and to flipmoo, good luck! this is gonna be pretty good.

  9. I didn’t like all this pretending to be a democracy “DRACP” “president” and I ACP’s treaties were unnecessarily controlling, but you can’t deny Cas has restored a hell of a lot of pride to the ACP which they lost over the last year, got ACP consistently at the top end of CPAC, and won a few wars. It felt nice to have ACP doing well again, being an army that wasn’t a constant laughing stock.

    You might not like his methods, but you can’t deny they worked.

    • I’m not arguing against the fact that ACP did achieve better results during Cas’ reign than during, say, Capn’s, but some evidence (like Cas AFKing in events, editing pics, etc.) does suggest that ACP doing well was down to the commitment of the owners, not down to Cas himself.

  10. Cas was killing ACP. He was provoking armies to start war. Hey… hold on… FLIP GET TORI BACK! TORI42IC OR 3IC OR SOMETHING

  11. The amount of support I have for this is too overwhelming. If there was a soldier for every bit of agreement I have with this coup of Cas, the ACP would have numbers of 10,000+

  12. Wooh! Down with Cas XD

  13. whoa

  14. Flip is the new Capn? :O

  15. Congrats Flipmoo!

  16. On behalf of UMA, AR and the JLA alliance, we respect you highly for taking out that bastard.

  17. Good luck,flip. Don’t pull a brutus on ACP.

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