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    Welcome to the site of the Official Army of Club Penguin, the only official army for the Club Penguin community on the internet! We are also the largest and strongest army in Club Penguin. If you would like to help us with our quest to rule all of Club Penguin and end those who stand in our way, please comment on the JOIN page and you will receive a rank as soon as possible. Thank you for joining and we hope you visit us at our CHAT, where you can talk to your fellow soldiers!

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Events for the Week

Today’s Events

❗ UK Invasion of Glacier❗

When: 28th October

Server: Glacier


9:00 pm GMT

4:00 pm EST

3:00 pm CST

2:00 pm MST

1:00 pm PST


❗ US Tactic Session❗

When: October 28th

Server: Breeze


8:30 pm EST

7:30 pm CST

6:30 pm MST

5:30 pm PST

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UK Quick Tactic Session

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Greetings, ACP. Today we logged on for a quick tactic session where we maxed ten.Unfortunately I only have one picture from the event due to my laptop cutting out – if anyone got anymore pictures then please comment them below so I can add them on. Carry on reading for the one lonely picture of the event.

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Unscheduled AUSIA U-LEAD


AUSIA on full force once again for an event. This event was organized by Dunno and with supervision of mine, of course. In this event, we covered the max of 9 and averaging 7. Thanks to those who attended and logged in for this event. Thank you.

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Festive Week!

Salutations!This whole week India is gonna have fun festives, and I all welcome you to the joy… I welcome you to join me to celebrate Diwali with me, along with Halloween and Bhai Duj!

There is an order of these events, and I guess this time USA is having official holiday on Diwali as the bill was signed few days ago… And the order is as follows:-

  • 1. 28 October 2016: Dhanteras, in which we buy metals.
  • 2. 29 October 2016: Chhoti (small) Diwali, It’s just a day before Diwali.
  • 3. 3o October 2016: Diwali!
  • 4. 31 October 2016: Halloween!!
  • 5. 1 November 2016: Bhai Duj, a Brother & Sister festive, in which brother gives a gift to her Sister!

So, it’s a five-day celebration at my chat! With events Diwali gifts, [Nothing much just gfx]… and lots of fun! But the time isn’t scheduled, as I can be free anytime… Other details are as follows:-

  • Dates: All the dates in the above list
  • Times: As said, I can be free anytime… depends….
  • Venue: xat.com/MadonnaLodge [Especially decorated for u guys :D]
  • Games: Whatever game you guys like [just comment to tell]
  • Other: Lots of gifts!
  • RSPV: Madonna {Me} Contact- 💕Ɠσɗɗєѕѕ💕Maɗσηηa💕

Thanks if you are you coming, and if you can’t come or don’t want to, then the sorry…. Can’t help it.



ACP Army: Halloween Celebratory Schedule


I’m sure some of you remember the post a few weeks ago regarding special events that are expected to take place in celebration of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. As of now we are less than a week away from Halloween night, and I think it’s time to crank up the fun this month. Click “Continue Reading” to view the schedule for Halloween!

halloween party33Halloween-Party1

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UK Raid of Teutons’ capital and movie night

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Hiring Owners


CPA Story Competition

Greetings, ACP. Earlier on today, the UK division logged on to North Pole to raid Teutons’ capital seeing as they felt the need to declare war on the whole of CPA (excluding three armies). We first went to town where we got raided by bots forcing us to move to the light house where we eventually maxed 12. We even had time to watch the Night of the Living Sled in the Lighthouse! Carry on reading for pictures of the event.


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CPA Stories

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Events for the Week

UK Raid of Teutons’ capital

Eggnog recipe


Hey ACP.

I decided something to make CPA interesting  by these stories of the members in this community, we can make our place a better one. By sending your stories starting today, 5 stories will feature and posted in the site every weekend.

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